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My 401k  report came today. It actually went up 7.9%: yay, now I don't feel so bad about taking my sweet time to go no/low risk.
 One of my Aunt's sent me a forward. I hate getting forwards from her and my Grandmother, mainly because they usually send them in place of writing to me. Some of us have the conspiracy theorists in the family; through some forwards, I find that my naivete must be genetic. Yes, sweet Grandma passed along something for me to pass along to others so that I could get money from good ol' Bill Gates. I always thought her a business savy woman. Just now, I recieve some joke from my Aunt about how nothing but dessert is safe to eat. After the joke it says: pass this along and you'll lose two pounds, delete and you'll gain ten. So now I'm thinking that maybe it's some virus, playing on the heart strings of the superstitious. And why would one ever believe in the curse of someone who wishes to remain anonimous? Like any old Tom, Dick, or Jane can write something, and "walla" it is thus!
 Thinking on it; are the random anonimous chain mail letters I get sent ocassionally coming from relatives who don't want to get cursed? How messed up would that be!?! Past friends have sent me such chain letters as well. And there is always that classic "send a dollar" and receive bukos e-mail. I think, though it's hard to recall, that one time I tried to follow through in sending out chain letters. I don't know why my Mum would have allowed me to, though.
 Bad fortune has not come yet from not sending out bulk chain mail replys. I think of one of those pyramid plans now(send books and get books) and I think I will send some to my (other) Aunt's kid anyway.
Growly is something else; she requests ice cream so I give her a healthy bowl-ful. Upon finishing it, she comes out of the bedroom looking like Carrie, post-prom. After cleaning her up, she wants more, but we tell her it is all gone. She cries relentlessly, so she gets a time out. Momments later, she is asking for what sounds like potatoes or cheerios (I can't tell which) so I bring her to the cupboards and tell her not to cry ("just tell me what you want") so that I can understand her: cheerios, thank goodness I didn't start boiling water.
 My work week is over. We drove to my Mum's house and Kev noticed Growly's flip-flops on the ground, so we went searching for them outside. On the picnic table, I noticed this huge wand inside bubble mix. Naturally, I had to take it out and blow a huge bubble. Growly and Grandma were not outside. We found them inside: Growly was getting her feet washed in the sink.
 I depart now: you've probably read enough from me.  
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